Recreation / Wellness

The Custer Recreation and Wellness Initiative is a volunteer subcommittee of the Empower Community Coaching which helps the residents of the City of Custer to be healthier through increased exercise opportunities and improved access to fresh foods.

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield assisted us with the creation of a community goals to “Eat Well, Move More and Feel Better”. Those goals include: enhancing our community gardens, providing nutrition prescriptions with grocery store and farmers market discounts, increasing health food donations to local food pantries, providing physical activity prescriptions, enhancing existing parks, installing bike parking, and creating a nicotine free policy around our community hospital.

Our successes include supporting the Custer Regional Clinic Healing and Wellness Garden, installing four benches along Custer City trails, installing a flashing crosswalk at the Mt. Rushmore Road Mickelson Trail crosswalk, and helping the school district start a Farm-to-School Program that has reached nine out of ten standards. 

Below is a link for community resources in response to Covid-19.